Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cartoonist Alleges Death Threats From Jewish Defense League

Police are investigating alleged death threats against a left-wing cartoonist denounced as an anti-Semite for suggesting that Jean Sarkozy, the son of the French President, was converting to Judaism for financial reasons.

The threats came amid a vitriolic row that has divided the Parisian intelligentsia into supporters and opponents of Maurice Sinet, 79, who works under the pen name Siné.

In the latest development in a controversy marked by insults, libel claims and mud-slinging, the anti-capitalist cartoonist filed a lawsuit with police over what he said were death threats on a Jewish Defence League website.

In an apparent call to stab him a message from a site user said: “20 centimetres of stainless steel in the stomach, that should make the son of bitch stop and think.”

Editor's Comment: more abuse of the term 'anti-semite' by these extremists. Real people opposed to real anti-semitism should rise up and oppose these terrorists by any means necessary. The abusive (and anonymous) coward making this call should also be hoist by his own petard.

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